Message from the CEO
Hamad Abdulla Al-Emadi
Chief Executive Officer

Message of Mr. Hamad Shareef Al Emadi

Chief Executive Officer

Peace be upon you…

When the executive management put in mind implementing the directives of the BOD in order to achieve a vision to enhance the workflow at Alijarah Holding & its subsidiaries, considering our values & principles, the implementation had been applied in a manner that made successive developments evident which led Alijarah to become one of the best         companies in Qatar. There is no doubt that maintaining success requires us to work hard to continue what we started.

We seek to expand our business and diversify our activities through the introduction of new products in the fields of property development, infrastructure, equipment and hospitality services which contribute in improving our ability to carry out tasks that will reflect on the conduct of work and activities in the long term. We firmly believe that the developments achieved will have a positive and powerful impact on the future of the company.

The financial results of this year demonstrated our efforts in diversifying the sources of corporation support based on our ambitions to create a stable corporation able to face the challenges in the future through:


 Introduce Sharia oriented financial solutions.

Strengthen the relationship with customers and build bridges of communication with them.

Increase the fleet of Alijarah Taxi.

Expand the business of Alijarah Equipment.

Develop the departments of the company.

Promote means of joint cooperation with national companies. 

The executive management spares no effort to build a company based on solid foundations in accordance to the standards and principles of corporate governance so as to ensure the achievement of maintaining a constant rate of growth. In this midst, our human resources remain the most precious asset as the driving force to achieve our strategic plans.

Alijarah depends on it cadres, which performs an active role in the development of resources and implementation, considering the values and principles that underpin the vision of Alijarah to achieve its objectives. This implication is supported by a cohesive, strong and balanced management system keen for sustainable development.

Through expertise, capacity and capabilities, Alijarah has become able to absorb the recent technology and applying it widely in all its administrative, financial and technical works, which contributes to expand of the scope of business relying on a solid base established by creative work as directed by the BOD which realizes exactly the elements of the administrative work and the country policies and directions with regards to sustainable development. Also, the BOD developed the tools and capabilities puts Alijarah up to the highest standards of corporate performance.

Alijarah Holding takes Qatarization as serious & strict policy, believing that national competences possess the talent & the skills, which make them worth of leadership & participating in the country’s evolution. 

The experiences & capabilities of Alijarah Holding serve the development of national human resources. The strategic plans take into account the demands of the work market in Qatar and the goals of Qatar vision 2030. A wide database was prepared & training plans were set aiming to contain and develop the national competences, escalating them to the highest standards of professionalism with strong belief that they are the future of this beloved homeland.



Hamad Shareef Al Emadi

Chief Executive Officer