AEQ operates its own capital fleet of 107 trucks and 108 trailers. All tractor heads are Made by Mercedez-Benz Across 2008 model and the trailers are of Hayakel make, 2008 model. Our trucks are maintained in top quality and are currently operating 800 kms per trucks daily during sand delivery from quarry to QNCC. All trucks in our fleet hold road-worthiness licenses and are subject to independent inspection by the authorities every year.


AEQ has a present employment of 178 drivers. 172 are assigned in sand delivery for two shifts within 24 hours period. 2 drivers are working with the water tanker to deliver/spray water in quarry roads and inside the AEQ camp. 2 drivers are working with the tire truck to drive during rescue operations of vehicles with breakdowns outside AEQ vicinity. The other 2 drivers are assigned to transport personnel in quarry and officers in going out for official business.


Presently, AEQ is operating on the Wadi Hola quarry site with a long-term lease agreement with the government. We have a total of 11 heavy equipments. 6 Bulldozers for scrapping sand, 6 Loaders for loading sand to trailers and 1 Grader for road maintenance. This operation is monitored daily from the Mekaines site and quarry site offices.


In addition to the above stated equipments, the company has other capital equipments which supports its daily operation. This includes 6 L-200 pick-ups, 3 canter trucks used as tire vehicle, lubricant vehicle and diesel tanker. 2 water tankers, a 30 sitter bus and a 13 sitter L-300 van for the personnel transportation.


As a support for daily maintenance and repairs, AEQ has established its own workshop with 8 bays. It is supported by the Store which stocks essential vehicle spare parts. All regular, long-term, major breakdowns and accidents are delivered to NBK with whom the AEQ has a long-term agreement.


AEQ operates a full-pledge labor camp at Mekaines site having 7 blocks with a total of 156 rooms. There is a separate block for Site-Administration and Operations Staff. One room was assigned for medical service with a male nurse and a room for in-house catering. Each labor block has a common bathe room supplied with a 2500 gallon water tank and an individual bathe room for the Administration and Operations staff.


AEQ has full pledge site offices at Mekaines camp from where the General Manager and his team operate. The team includes Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Accountants, HR and Administration. There is a separate office for the Transport and Workshop Supervisors. Said offices has internet and telephone connections which is a must for the daily communications. It also operates the company’s in-house e-mail system wherein official staffs are registered.

AEQ operates its own capital fleet of 107 trucks and 108 trailers.